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SIP Phones for IP Office

With SIP, any other brand's SIP handsets can in theory be connected to IP Office. The SIP standard is constantly evolving with new features and methods introduced.

Avaya also do a SIP softphone which is an application that runs on your laptop or desktop but which retains all telephony functions. So you can use this to make and receive calls if working at home, at a branch location or if in a hotel

While being standard compliant, not all devices implement all options of the standard, making it hard to almost impossible to predict to what extent any particular device will work.

Avaya also do a SIP softphone which is an application that runs on your laptop or desktop but which retains all telephony functions.

So you can use this to make and receive calls if working at home, at a branch location or if in a hotel.

If you are considering this as a migration path into IP Office your best bet is to come and meet with our presales staff who can test your handset to see what the eventual functionality will be. While great care has been taken to be compliant with SIP standards, no guarantee can be given that all devices claiming support of SIP will work flawlessly.

IP Office 5.0 and higher supports the use of SIP extension devices with the IP Office system. These can be SIP phones, SIP software clients or traditional analog devices attached to the SIP Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA). Within the IP Office configuration, SIP extensions are licensed using the 3rd Party IP End-points license which is also used for non-Avaya H323 IP extensions. The number of SIP extensions supported is subject to available licenses and to the normal extension limits of the IP Office control unit being used.

SIP extensions function like any other IP Office extension: This means they

  • Can make and receive calls to any other extension, independent of type of extension
  • Delivers end to end Media just like any other IP telephone on IP Office. For calls between two SIP extensions of a SIP extension and an Avaya IP telephone, the audio is transmitted end to end for basic telephone calls. (Conferences etc. However require a VCM resource). See chapter "VCM modules" for details
  • Can use short codes and authorization codes like any other telephones
  • Transmit In band call progress tones are delivered from IP Office
  • A SIP telephones needs to register with IP Office like any other IP telephone, Authentication with Username and password is possible
  • SIP extensions support "auto create" in IP Office to make installation fast and efficient. Successful registration of an endpoint will consume one third party license
  • On one IP address, several extensions can register with IP Office, each consuming a license. This enables the connection of SIP terminal adapters with more than one analogue port, giving a different extension number to each of the ports.

Advanced Features

SIP endpoints support a number of extended features according to the "SIP service samples-draft", also referred to as "Sipping-19". This includes:

  • Calling line identification
  • Hold/Consultation Hold
  • Attended/Unattended Transfer
  • Message Waiting
  • Do not disturb
  • Conference Add

Some telephones support several call appearances making it easy to switch between calls. Please not that this does not include "bridged appearances" or " (outside)-line appearances). A large number of additional features are supported on IP Office using Feature activation keys. These features include but not limited to:

  • Call forward: Unconditional/Busy/no Answer
  • Follow me
  • Park/Unpark
  • Music on Hold
  • Meet me conferencing
  • Conference join
  • Ring back when free

SIP endpoints also support Computer Telephony Integration "CTI" and therefore applications like One-X portal for Small business: the following features are supported with One-X portal and via the TAPI interface:

  • Outgoing call (without remote activation of speakerphone/headset)
  • Hang up
  • Hold
  • Attended/Unattended transfer
  • Conference (IP Office based)
  • Voicemail collect
  • Set forwarding/DND (IP Office based)
  • Park/Ride (IP Office based)

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