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IP Office Short Codes

IP Office Short codes are one of the most powerful facilities within IP Office. As well as being used by analog telephones to invoke terminal features, Short Codes allow for dialed number translation. For example, the creation of speed dial numbers, call barring and alternate carrier selection.

Short Codes are used as commands the IP Office to make changes for the user, group or system, so need to set up with consideration to security. The command may need additional information included with it, such as for forward, the phone number forwarded to. Short codes are a flexible and quick way of setting up certain features. IP Office has short codes provided by default on the system, or more advanced codes that need programming by the system administrator. The full set of short code commands are listed below; please see product configuration documents for more detail on how to set them up.

Note: as a customer with Telefonix Voice & Data you will not need to program or even look at these. We do all this for you.

IP Office Short Codes

AOC Previous Call
AOC Reset Total
AOC Total
Auto Attendant
Break Out
Busy On Hold
Call Intrude
Call List
Call Listen
Call Pickup Any
Call Pickup Extn
Call Pickup Line
Call Pickup Group
Call Pickup Members
Call Pickup User
Call Queue
Call Record
Call Steal
Call Waiting On
Call Waiting Off
Call Waiting Suspend
Cancel All Forwarding
Cancel Ring Back When Free
Channel Monitor
Clear Call
Clear CW
Clear Hunt Group Night Service
Clear Hunt Group Out Of Service
Clear Quota
Conference Add
Conference Meet Me
CW Dial

Dial 3K1
Dial 56K
Dial 64K
Dial CW
Dial Direct
Dial Direct Hot Line
Dial Emergency
Dial Extn
Dial Inclusion
Dial Paging
Dial Physical Extension By Number
Dial Physical Number By ID
Dial Speech
Dial V110
Dial V120
Dial Video
Disable ARS Form
Disable Internal Forwards
Disable Internal Forward Unconditional
Disable Internal Forward Busy or No Answer
Display Msg
Do Not Disturb Exception Add
Do Not Disturb Exception Delete
Do Not Disturb On
Do Not Disturb Off
Enable ARS Form
Enable Internal Forwards
Enable Internal Forward Unconditional
Enable Internal Forward Busy or No Answer
Extn Login

Extn Logout
Flash Hook
Follow Me Here
Follow Me Here Cancel
Follow Me To
Forward Hunt Group Calls On
Forward Hunt Group Calls Off
Forward Number
Forward On Busy Number
Forward On Busy On
Forward On Busy Off
Forward On No Answer On
Forward On No Answer Off
Forward Unconditional On
Forward Unconditional Off
Group Listen Off
Group Listen On
Headset Toggle
Hold Call
Hold CW
Hold Music
Hunt Group Disable
Hunt Group Enable
Last Number Redial
MCID Activate
Mobile Twinned Call Pickup
Off Hook Station
Park Call
Private Call
Private Call Off
Private Call On

Priority Call
Record Message
Relay On
Relay Off
Relay Pulse
Resume Call
Retrieve Call
Ring Back When Free
Secondary Dial Tone
Set Absent Text
Set Account Code
Set Authorization Code
Set Hunt Group Night Service
Set Hunt Group Out Of Service
Set Inside Call Seq
Set No Answer Time
Set Mobile Twinning Number
Set Mobile Twinning On
Set Mobile Twinning Off
Set Outside Call Seq
Set Ringback Seq
Set Wrap Up Time
Shut Down Embedded Voicemail
Startup Embedded Voicemail
Suspend Call
Suspend CW
Toggle Calls
Unpark Call
Voicemail Collect
Voicemail Node
Voicemail On
Voicemail Off
Voicemail Ringback On
Voicemail Ringback Off

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