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IP Office Preferred Edition

Many solutions, applications and features on IP Office systems are licensed and only operate when a valid license is detected. This includes features within IP Office applications running on PCs connected to the IP Office system. Editions are really just license bundles which encompass various related softwares. Licenses are 32 character strings derived from a unique serial number for the IP Office system which will be using the license. The unique serial number is taken from the Feature Key device fitted to the IP Office system. In particular, the IP Office Preferred Edition license enables:

  • Advanced messaging
  • Multi-Level automated attendant
  • Secure Meet-Me conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Conditional call routing
  • Text To Speech (Tts) for e-mail reading for users with appropriate user profiles
  • Queue announcements

IP Office Preferred Edition license enables VoiceMail Pro and provides the initial 4 ports. IP Office Preferred Edition Messaging (VoiceMail Pro) is a messaging server application that runs on a Windows server PC. It is enabled through the Preferred Edition license (see above). Messaging services to multiple IP Offices can be supported when they are connected in an IP Office Small Community Network (SCN). In this centralized voicemail scenario, only the central IP Office requires the Preferred Edition license. The other IP Offices within the network do not require a Preferred Edition license. However, from Release 6 onwards due to load balancing, capacity increase and resilience reasons it is possible to have more than one Preferred Edition License in the SCN. By default Preferred Edition provides standard voicemail mailbox functions to all IP Office users and hunt groups plus support for call recording and call waiting announcements to callers. A range of additional features can be enabled by further licenses.

IP Office Preferred Edition & Messaging Ports

The IP Office Preferred Edition license includes support for 4 messaging ports. The total number of messaging ports supported can be increased by adding other licenses, at the time of purchase or later, up to the maximum supported by the particular IP Office control unit (IP500/IP500 V2 = 40).

IP Office Preferred Edition & Messaging

The Advanced Edition license provides Customer Call Reporter, ContactStore Call Recording Library, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Visual Basic scripting and generic Text-To-Speech (TTS). The following licenses enable specific Messaging features beyond those already provided with Advanced Edition. These additional licenses all require the Preferred Edition (Voicemail Pro) license as a pre-requisite.

IP Office Preferred Edition & UMS Web Services

These are also enabled by the 'Teleworker and "Power User" licenses. UMS (Unified Messaging Server) allows users to access the messages in their Voicemail Pro mailbox via either a web browser (requires IIS on the Voicemail Pro server), using a IMAP compatible email application or using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 message store.

IP Office Preferred Edition & UMS Web Services

This is also included in the "Advanced Edition" license) As standard, IP Office Preferred Edition supports automatic and or manual call recording to specified mailboxes. Also provided as part of Advanced Edition, this license allows Preferred Edition to use a 3rd-party application to support the storage and administration of call recordings. Currently the supported application for this is ContactStore for IP Office. When used manual and or automatic records calls can be routed (along with the call details) to the ContactStore applications database for storage and retrieval when required.

IP Office Preferred Edition & Text to Speech (TTS)

TTS can be used within customized voicemail call flows to speak information to callers rather than having to record prompts for the call flow or speak results of IVR queries. Various options are supported for TTS operation:

  • As part of the Advanced Edition, that enables the use of the default Text-To-Speech (TTS) speech engine supplied as part of Windows operating system or any other SAPI compliant speech engine. This allows the creation of automated call flows that speak results of IVR queries. Eight (8) licenses are provided with the Advanced Edition system license.
  • Messaging TTS (ScanSoft) License: IPO LIC AVAYA TTS RFA 1 LIC:CU (182299) This license enables the use of the TTS speech engines supplied as part of the IP Office Voicemail Pro software set. Multiple licenses can combined for the number of simultaneous uses of TTS required up to the number of voicemail channels licensed.
  • Networked Messaging License: IPO LIC NTWKD MSGING RFA LIC:DS (182297) Voicemail Pro Networked Messaging (VPNM) can be used between separate IP Office systems, each with their own Voicemail Pro server, to exchange messages left for different mailboxes. This option is not supported within a Small Community Network (SCN) but can be used between separate SCN networks.

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