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IP Office One X Mobile Client

The IP Office One X Mobile Client goes onto mobiles and allows full IP Office functionality such as call forwarding, conferencing, transfer etc, thus enable the "single" number to follow that person, wherever they are. One-X is the perfect companion to office use of IP Office. For example, in a smaller company, if a sales rep leaves the company, the company retains all his contacts because the customer only has the sales rep's DDI number, rather than his own number. IP Office One X Mobile Client has also been found to save incoming callers money because they will ring landlines not mobiles. In summery, IP Office One X Mobile Client means that the phone call finds the target, rather than the person having to call round to reach them, trying the office number first then the mobile number.

IP Office supports the IP Office One X Mobile 'Single Mode' Client running on selected Symbian Single-Mode or Windows Mobile 5 or 6 handsets. This provides a graphical interface for call control and allows a one-number service for both incoming and outgoing calls. For a full list of supported handsets contact Telefonix Voice & Data.

Avaya One-X Mobile delivers full office phone functionality to mobile devices, simply, flexibly, and securely. It delivers one number access to mobile employees, making them easily accessible wherever they are. It integrates into the company phone directory and supports powerful office desk phone features like conference calling, transfer, mute, hold and many others. New capabilities include click to dial from contact lists, expanded language support, and enhanced security, help Avaya one-X Mobile make working on the go easy.

To put it simply, Avaya One-X mobile supports a better user experience by extending the capabilities of an office desk phone to a mobile phone. Avaya one-X Mobile combines the simplicity and ubiquity of mobile phones with the powerful enterprise communications features of Avaya IP Office and Avaya Communication Manager. The mobile phone can now truly be an extension of the IP-PBX, delivering productivity gains to mobile workers by making them more accessible to clients and colleagues and improving their ability to collaborate.

  • Initiating/Receiving Calls
    • Incoming calls to the deskphone, ring both the desk and up to five other devices, which eliminates the need to give multiple reach numbers.
    • Single Number Access Outbound, ecause users dial through the PBX, they can leverage the existing corporate infrastructure, offering significant savings on international calls
    • Easy Mobile Switcher - Seamlessly move calls between the office and mobile device without interruption regardless of device used to dial or receive the call.
    • One device for personal and business - Users can control whether outgoing calls are dialed direct, for personal calls, or via the PBX, for business calls.
    • Dial by Extension - Users can place calls using the internal extension dialing plans as they would in the office
    • Call Routing - Users can route incoming office calls to any device based on schedule, location or on an ad hoc basis using a quick entry feature.
    • VIP Lists - VIP lists manage incoming calls. Any calls not on the VIP Lists can be sent directly to voice mail to minimize interruptions.
  • Voicemail
    • Single Voice Mail - If a business call is not answered from the mobile device, the call is sent back to the corporate voicemail system ensuring there is only one voice mail box for mobile workers.
    • Visual Voicemail - Corporate voicemail is visual, leveraging Modular Messaging, so users can prioritize messages and get to the critical ones first. Stored locally, there is no dialing into voicemail, saving minutes and time.
  • Corporate Directory Integration
    • Easy access to corporate contacts through the search function callers in the directory will show the contact name instead of the number.

IP Office R9 One X Mobile Client Improvements

With IP Office Release 9.0, Avaya is enhancing the one-X Mobile Preferred client to work in a Voice over IP (VoIP) mode. In the VoIP mode, the mobility client can make calls over Wi-Fi/3G/4G data networks. The mobility client, now using a SIP stack, will register with the IP Office over the data network and thus will function as your office extension on the mobile device. The mobile user can use the mobility client to perform all telephony features including mid-call features such as:

  • Incoming and Outgoing VoIP calls
  • Supervised/ Unsupervised Transfer
  • Hold / Unhold
  • Mute/ Unmute
  • Multiple simultaneous call sessions
  • DTMF

Users in countries where incoming calls are charged will see a significant cost savings in the VoIP mode especially when on Wi-Fi networks. It will also help users save costs while making international calls. The availability of both Call-back and VoIP modes on the mobility client will enable users to toggle between the modes based on their network connections. This will empower end-users to make a choice of the appropriate mode based on their voice/data plan as well as availability and quality of the data connection (WiFi/3G/4G). For example, the mobile user may choose the Call-back mode when he/she doesn't have Wi-Fi access and the 3G data connection is not providing good quality for voice. The mobile user may choose the VoIP mode when in office/home/mobile hotspots where Wi-Fi data connection is available OR when the 3G/4G data connection is good. Note that one-X Mobile Preferred mobility client will support the VoIP mode on both iOS and Android devices.

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