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IP Office 10

The Avaya H175 Video Collaboration Station is a unique touchscreen device that delivers high quality voice calls, full HD video collaboration, and access to key productivity enhancing capabilities like presence, a synchronized calendar and synchronized contacts.

IP Office R10.0 is Avaya's latest IP Office update and extends Avaya's innovation in the Midmarket, delivering greater resilience, security and value through a wide range of endpoints, and fully integrated, easy to use, resilient desktop and mobile clients. Under the hood there are many other new benefits and improvements over previous versions; if you want to know more about Release 10 or Avaya products in general then call us on 01252 333888. Please note, any customers running IPO 9.0 from now will no longer be on a supported software release so an upgrade to at least 9.1 should be discussed with your Telefonix Account handler. Some of the major changes in IP Office 10 include:

Richer User Experience

  • H175 Video Collaboration Station
    • Touchscreen 7" HD display
    • Cordless DECT handset
    • WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN
    • Detachable Camera
  • New 3745 DECT Phone
    • Color display, Push-to-talk, Bluetooth
    • Liquid, dust and shock protected
  • Avaya Communicator for Web
    • Included with Office Worker and Power User
    • Single sign on from Gmail/Office 365 etc
    • UMS integration VMPro/Gmail
  • one-X Portal
    • Extended Conference features
    • Disable dial out
  • one-X Mobile Preferred
    • Group chat
    • Ad-hoc conference
  • Web Collaboration
    • Updated lighter User Interface (AAC 8.0)
    • PC Audio/WebRTC
    • Remote Control of desktop
  • Avaya Communicator
    • Supports Microsoft Skype for Business
    • Support USB Audio controls
  • SoftConsole
    • Refreshed UI
  • WebRTC (IP Office WebRTC SDK)
    • Develop or integrate web portals for the telephony features provided by IP Office.
  • Location API (IP Office API)
    • External application can set the location for each extension on IP Office
  • Devlink3 (IP Office Devlink3 API)
    • The future for Event stream data
    • Current Devlink supported through R10

Management Enhancements

  • Dynamic in-service configuration changes
  • Management enhancements
    • Web Manager - Added fields, offline mode
    • Bulk edit of users and delete of selected objects
  • Improvements to diagnostics
    • Line diagnostics and line-ID (voltage, return loss etc) - great for the smaller business
  • Centralized Licensing
    • Integrated WebLM for all remote license
  • Voice Quality Monitoring
    • Provide rich quality of service monitoring
    • Collect and send RTCP to third party applications

Resilience Enhancements

  • System failover
    • Cloud to cloud
    • Cloud to premise
    • Premise to cloud
    • Premise to premise
  • Client failover supported (Select)
    • one-X portal
    • Avaya Communicator
    • one-X Mobile Preferred
  • SIP Endpoints failover
    • E129, H175, B179, 11xx/12x
  • Signaling and Media security
    • IP Phones
    • Desktop Clients
    • WebRTC clients
    • Mobile clients

Increased Capacity

  • Hunt groups increased to 600
  • Softconsole increased to 75
  • 32 Music on Hold sources
  • System directories up to 10,000
  • Personal directories up to 250 (max 100,000)
  • Voice Messaging
    • 3600 Mailboxes
    • 3600 hours storage

Workforce Optimisation Select

Any company with a heavy-traffic customer contact centre who is committed to giving the very best customer experience should take a look at Avaya's Workforce Optimisation Select. This was developed first for Avaya's larger Aura platform, and is now available to SMEs via IP Office. Highlights include:

  • PCI Compliant Voice and Screen recording
    Centrally record and playback an agent call and see what they were doing on screen at the same time. A powerful way to quality check agent performance and compliance.
  • Speech analytics
    Allows you to search for certain words within recorded speech audio. An incredibly powerful tool saving time searching for specific calls, and allowing you to ensure your agents are using the right kind of language with your customers.
  • Forecasting analytics
    By monitoring and learning your call patterns, staffing patterns, peaks and troughs, this powerful software can help you plan your business more efficiently, ensuring agents are deployed where they will be needed, as well as where they are needed.

Workforce Optimization Select is a very powerful suite of programs for the modern contact centre, so if you are interested I urge you to talk to us to find our more.

SIP Trunk Enhancements

Service Providers continue to broaden their SIP trunk offerings and customers are increasingly adopting SIP trunks. IP Office R10 continues to respond to these market trends, with several new SIP trunk capabilities including:

  • Indicate Call on Hold
  • Behavior When Held
  • P-Preferred Identity
  • Diversion Header
  • Diversion Counter
  • Local Domain Name

Accessibility Enhancements

IP Office 10 incorporates the new vSphere 6.0 (EXSi 6.0) Hypervisor to its lineup, which already included EXSi 5.0, 5.1, and 5.5 for the Linux-Virtualized SE. IPO 10 Expands the Web-Manager application capabilities by incorporating LDAP User-synchronization, such as Login-Code, Voicemail passwords, Twinning information, as well as Hunt-Group membership characteristics.

Hardware Enhancements

IP500V2 CU, and IP Office for Linux with the DELL PowerEdge R630 and R220 are now supported. For those utilizing the partner mode, ETR cards are also supported, although they might be end-of-sale by the end of this year. IP Office release 10.0 and IP400 Modules Support - Analog 16, Digital Station Modules 30 and 16, Phone Version-2 16, and 30.

Security Enhancements

Prior to this release, TLS security was extended through the SM-Line/SIP-Line/SIP-Phones, now the IP Office running 10 is fully capable of providing a secure signaling transmission between H.323 end-points utilizing TLS certificate auto-negotiation between the IP Office and End-points.

Collaboration Enhancements

  • Avaya Communicator Web-app - IP Office release 10 comes with voicemail to G-Mail authentication through UMS. SSO has also been included to allow the auto-login to Office-365, Salesforce, and Google+. A Web-User license is not longer needed instead an Office-Worker or Power-User license is required.
  • H175 Video Collaboration - Video desk end-point now allows establishing secured communication via SRTP utilizing TLS certificates.
  • IPDECT 3745, Supports bluetooth wireless handset, and with a color display.
  • Web-Collaboration Enhancement for WebRTC, Remote Desktop Control, Private Messaging, Trace log-enhancement & Web-App messaging
  • UC Clients - IP Office 10 includes the capability of deleting scheduled conferences via the Administrator. The User can extend their conferences via the One-X Portal.
  • Skype for Business is now also part of the Avaya Communicator for MS Lync.
  • 999 and Emergency for Wireless and 3rd party Apps - a Location API has been integrated to the new IP Office 10.
  • API SDK with Devlink3 - Avaya is looking into working closely with Devconnect Partners by tweaking the DevLink.dll.

Deployment Options

There are now 5 types of the IP Office R10 deployment, Basic, Essential, Preferred, Server Edition, and Select. Other features include: Windows 10 support, 32 MOH sources for SE, UCM improvements & Centralized licensing. IP Office Select Edition is targeted at:

  • Call centres that require up to 250 agents and supervisors.
  • Businesses that require built-in call recording.
  • Businesses that require Audio Conferencing Bridge.
  • Single site designs that require up to 2,500 users or 2,500 users across 150 locations.
  • Clients who require a single server deployment.
  • Clients with a VMWARE infrastructure that want to leverage their existing investment with IP Office software only editions.
  • Clients who want a true Unified Communication platform.

Faster Deployment

  • Reduced 'day one' install steps - Auto detection, configuration of system components
  • Speed and simplify client installs - Auto-detect and provision IP Address of IP Office and its port
  • Easier VMPro installation - Reduce number of prompts & Default templates
  • Faster UCM install and upgrades
    • Reduced installation time - USB install and upgrade
    • Reduced upgrade time - Eliminate manual upgrade
  • LDAP Synchronization
    • Select AND Server Edition
    • Name, extension etc


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