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IP Office R9

IP Office R9

IP Office R9 continues the evolution of the Avaya IP Office suite, and has three main areas for improvement. IP Office R9 Extends IP Office firmly into the midmarket territory with improvements in scale, virtualisation and resiliency and better service for the branch, be it standalone, distributed or centralised. IP Office R9 also delivers more UC enhancements, with improved video, one-X mobile and Flare.

Technically, IP Office R9 actually has four main themes: UC collaboration, server edition enhancements, virtualization, and branch consolidation and centralisation for Avaya Aura system users, each of which are below. Avaya IP Office R9.0 general availability is September 2013.

  • IP Office 9 UC Collaboration
  • IP Office 9 server edition enhancements
  • IP Office 9 virtualisation
  • IP Office 9 branch consolidation and centralisation

IP Office 9 UC Collaboration

IP Office R9 introduces proper multi-party audio conferencing with the Flare tablet, a mobile VoIP client (one-X Mobile Preferred), presence & IM enhancements (e.g. IM in Outlook plug-in, IM group communications) and Avaya SBCE (Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise) support for IP Office soft-clients. .

Server Edition Enhancements in IP Office R9

One of the key focus areas for Avaya in IP Office R9 is IP Office Server Edition enhancements. In R9, Avaya Server Edition scales to 1,500 users and it is expected to scale to 2,000 users in R9.1. Other Server Edition enhancements include resiliency improvements, music on hold improvements and a dedicated Linux version of Avaya contact store. Avaya can be expected to continue investing heavily in Server Edition for the foreseeable future as its stated aim is to make IP Office have the best TCO (total cost of ownership) and greatest simplicity of any midsize system, taking Avaya IP Office firmly into the 1-3000 user space.

  • Increase in total users: 1500 up from 1000 in R8.1
  • Single server capacity: 750 up from 500
  • Many other capacities increased significantly. For example:
  • 150 Voicemail channels (was 100)
  • 750 One-X Portal users (was 500)
  • 18,000 BHCC (was 14,400)
  • 256 Conference channels per server (was 128)
  • 85 Recording channels (was 43)
  • 128 Paging group size (was 64)

IP Office Virtualisation in IP Office R9

IP Office R9 offers full IP Office virtualisation. This allows IP Office to coreside on customer provided hardware alongside other customer applications instead of needing dedicated hardware. View details: IP Office Customer Call Reporter

Branch Consolidation And Centralisation In IP Office R9

IP Office R9 now offers IP Office and B5800 as a single branch product with support for centralized Avaya AuraŽ SIP Clients. This is of interest to Aura system users that wish to use IP Office as the branch solution.

Enhanced Web Manager

Avaya's plan to further evolve the IP Office Web Manager into a single, comprehensive management tool for IP Office is available in R9.0.

Microsoft Outlook Plug-In Enhancements

Microsoft Outlook plug-in for IP Office The Microsoft Outlook plug-in for IP Office is a popular option for many customers and with release 9.0 Avaya is making it even better with new functionality and tighter integration. At the top of the list is IM capability including the ability to escalate in IM to a voice call, conduct multiple simultaneous IM sessions, and save and/or email those conversations for future reference. There is also an enhanced directory support where you can see contact cards complete with details. Users can also click to dial from within an email. A simple click instead of having to look up the number and dial the number can be a big time savings when you need to make quick call. Finally, the IM capabilities are compatible with the other IP Office applications. For example, an Outlook user can IM with a one-X Mobile user and a Flare Experience user at the same time, and with a simple click, escalate to a voice call. All without leaving Outlook!

Active Call Preservation

Avaya introduces Active Call Preservation, another resiliency improvement for IP Office Server Edition.

New Dell R210 IP Office Server

The current servers that run IP Office Server Edition are being refreshed with new updated server technology. The current HP DL120 is being replaced by the Dell R210 server. The Dell R210 model will be supported by IPO R9.0 and subsequent releases only and will not be backward compatible to IPO R8.1

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