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IP Office C110 Unified Communications Module

With the Avaya IP Office C110 Unified Communications module (C110 UC Module for short), Avaya provides a single touch point for sourcing, maintenance and support of application deployment.

The C110 UC Module is an integrated CPU running Linux, thus avoiding the need for server licenses (Microsoft) and any requirement to keep an external server updated outside of the telephony software and hardware. Bottom line, it means no need to buy a seperate box for voicemail pro.

C110 UC Module

  • Availability: end Q1 2012
  • Price: not yet decided
  • Removes need to buy a seperate box
  • Greener - C110 UC Module consumes less power than external server
  • Up to 5% lower TCO over 5 years than server-based installations

Additional benefits include flexibility with application deployment such as Preferred Edition/ Preferred Edition and the ability to expand ports, user licenses for user productivity packages.

In IP Office R8.0, the C110 UC Module will come preloaded with all Preferred Edition server software images including Preferred Edition, one-X portal software image and IM/Mobility (same as the Linux Applications DVD).

The C110 UC Module will include an implicit Preferred Edition license so all server software will be available depending on the User package purchased, e.g., Power User, Teleworker, etc. The Preferred Edition license will come 'bundled' with the module.

Note: The C110 UC Module was not GA on November 30, 2011, but Avaya is committed to delivering the new module compatible with the 8.0 release in early 2012. The C110 UC Module integrates with existing IP500v2 System Server chassis:

  • One module per chassis
  • Single IP address for System and module
  • SW loaded on C110 UC Module on SD card or via Ethernet from support.avaya.com
  • User Packages and Mobility will require user package licenses. Number of User Packages supported will be verified prior to commercial availability
  • Preferred Edition will be offered with the module in a bundled offer, with 4 voicemail ports by default
  • User licenses will be supported (unbundled)
  • TTS, MAPI Email and UMS Exchange Integration are supported

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