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Telefonix pay the utmost attention to going the extra mile to help you understand technology and to make your technology acquisition a transparent, comfortable one, backed up by as much information as you need and as many demonstrations as you should ever want. That's why we're here - to help you.

Telefonix credentials include Avaya SME Expert, Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence and Microsoft Small Business Specialist. Besides our experience of the IP Office system with over 2500 installs under our belt, Telefonix Voice & Data also has a unique set of IP Office phone system packages unique to the UK.

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IP Office Phone System

Avaya IP Office is our most popular office phone system: Avaya's phone system for small and medium business, scaling up to 384 users over 20 connected sites. A phone system specifically designed for small business, the beauty of the Avaya IP Office is that when the business is small, IP Office is an affordable small office telephone system, but as and ehen a business grows, additional licences can be purchased to enable more features. This makes the IP Office base cost lower than other telephone systems, which is why we use it to make our bundles and why it is our small business telephone system of choice.

IP Office Features

avaya IP Office

IP Office comes with inbuilt features which appeals equally to the small business owner, finance director and IT manager. Together with Telefonix personalised service, it offers a powerful telephony package.

Call Recording

IP Office Tamper-proof call recording Tamper proof IP Office call recording, included with the Telefonix office phone system bundle

Voicemail Pro

IP Office Voicemail Pro the premium business voicemail package for IP Office IP Office Voicemail Pro, the premium business voicemail package for IP Office


IP Office inbuilt conferencing IP Office's inbuilt conferencing bridges eliminates expensive bill charges

Auto Attendant

Direct calls to the right groups of people: press 1 for sales, 2 for marketingDirect calls to the right groups of people: press 1 for sales, 2 for marketing, 3 for help


VoIP, or IP telephony, using data connectivity to carry voice, is one of the IP Office options VoIP, or IP telephony, using data connectivity to carry voice, is one of the IP Office options


Simple management tools with IP Office Inbuilt management tools makes life relatively straightforward for IT admins


24/7 telephone orders with IP Office IVR Add a 24/7, 365/365 telephone ordering service using IP Office IVR

IP Office System Editions

Avaya divides its IP Office platform into four editions, each of which corresponds to a different level of extra system features.

Purchasers can pick and match editions. For example in your company you may want 10 essential licenses (for common areas ie staff room), 50 preferred licences (executives) and 10 advanced licenses (management, directors).

The new "IP Office Basic Edition" introduced with IP Office version 8 excludes any CTI telephony features, and is only appropriate for analog and basic digital setups.

IP Office Essential

IP Office Essential Edition is the introductory level package for Avaya's IP Office system, incorporating voice messaging, a basic auto attendant and mobility features.

Voicemail box for all employees on the system; ability to send voicemail to email.

Automated attendants can be programmed for basic routing of incoming calls

Dial By Name - Using your internal directory, callers can easily search the person they wish to connect with via touch tone

Read more about IP Office Essential Edition.

IP Office Preferred

IP Office Preferred Edition is our most commonly requested package, adding conferencing, call routing, call recording & flexible programming.

Secure Meet Me Conferencing: Users can host their own conference calls with personal pin codes, up to 128 parties in total.

Automated call routing - Multiple and multi-level as well as conditional routing to ensure that the right person gets the call.

Call recording to a voicemail box - Automatic and on demand ability to record incoming or outgoing calls that you pre-set based on need for a specific frequency or that you enable instantly with the push of a button.

Flexible programming via a graphical user interface - makes customizable call routing changes to your business easy and quick to implement.

Read more about IP Office Preferred Edition.

IP Office Advanced

IP Office Advanced Edition is all about maximising productivity and using technology to increase procedural efficiencies in customer service

Allow customers to access information, check status of orders and more, using integrated voice response services.

Enable customers to request information, customers (and employees) to complete surveys providing valuable insight to their experience and satisfaction without tying up your staff.

Balance work load of employees by distributing calls among staff members.

Measure staff productivity of call handling and identify areas where change is needed.

Customer conversations can be recorded and played back at a later time through an interface that allows you to search quickly for the desired call.

Read more about IP Office Advanced Edition.

IP Office User Packages

With Preferred or Advanced Edition, Avaya have designed usertype-specific software toolsets which gives different roles a combination of phone system tools they require to perform their function. For example, the mobile worker focuses on mobile applications for the sales person on the road.


Help receptionists manage high call volume from their PCs. Streamline call handling with easy point-and-click call controls. A list of incoming calls and call status displays on the PC screen. Integrate with commonly used database software. Monitor all office extensions. Have one receptionist provide coverage for multiple offices. Read more about the IP Office Receptionist package.

Office Worker

Designed for employees who work primarily at their desks, these communication tools help workers answer questions and convey critical information. Use a single, easy-to-use interface to manage conferencing, check the status of co-workers (see who’s on the phone, away, or on 'do not disturb'), and for messaging, speed dial and IM. Read more about the IP Office Office worker package.


Give teleworkers (employees who work remotely full-time) the same phone and functionality they’d have in the office. Users connect their phones to the company’s phone system via a virtual private network. And because it all goes through the IP Office system, you can hire talent from anywhere and save money. Read more about the IP Office Teleworker package.

Power User

Users control office communications using an IP phone, cell phone or laptop. Users receive all their messages - voice, email, and fax - in a single inbox, and are automatically notified of important messages. Set up conference calls on the fly, and have calls ring simultaneously on both mobile and desk phones. Read more about the IP Office Power User package.

Mobile Worker

Make any mobile phone an extension of the office phone system: complete with call handling features and speed dials. No more giving out personal reach numbers. Know that when customers call, they are dialing your business numbers, not your employees' personal numbers. Read more about the IP Office Mobile Worker package.

Customer Service Agent

This browser-based client gives agents information about the number of calls on hold, in progress, or lost, as well as the number of agents logged in and logged out. If no calls are waiting to be answered, an agent can spend more time with the current caller, helping to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Read more about the IP Office Customer Service package.

Customer Service Supervisor

This monitoring and reporting application lets small businesses track and measure interactions and productivity in customer sales and service. Get reports to manage your sales activities, judge the value of marketing campaigns, and see how well agents are handling customer calls. Read more about the IP Office Customer Service package.

Extending IP Office

Because of its position as market leader, IP Office benefits from the widest availability of specialist vertical or pure CTI telephony software in the business. There is also a further range of specialist vertical applications (such as hospitality or healthcare) that can be bolted onto IP Office, with quality assurance provided through the Avaya Devconnect certification programme.

Call Recording

Telefonix Voice & Data offer four levels of call recording for IP Office, from Voicemail Pro, which has free tamper-proof recording included as standard, to at the topend, Redbox recorders, encrypted call recording to at national security levels. Typically, most of our customers either stay with the inbuilt features or Voicemail Pro or have their call recording as an add-on service provided by Tim.

Call Logging

IP Office Call logging packages come principally from two third party vendors, Tri-line (the 'Tim' product suite) and Oak. Both of these are Avaya DevConnect partners and quality is assured with either: however we have a clear preference for the Tri-line products because they have the same functionality as Oak but are much more competitively priced.

Contact Centre

IP Office Contact Centre come in two flavours - Avaya's own contact centre package (Avaya Customer Call Reporter) and, covered elsewhere, the 3rd party Zeacom contact centre software. Zeacom is the more sophisticated of the two, catering up to 384 agents, but for the SME that seeks to organise its customer service people, Avaya Customer Call Reporter gives a good initial package and starting point.

Call Centre

Although Avaya's main call centre solution tends to be through Avaya Call Centre/Avaya Aura, this is more than five times as expensive as using IP Office, and for call centres with less than 384 agenta, the best solution is to use 3rd party Zeacom software. Zeacom is an Avaya IP Office contact and call centre solution for organisations with contact and call centres with between five and 384 agents.


IP Office gives users presence information in one of three ways within Avaya's own software: IP Office Phone Manager Lite (free), IP Office Phone Manager Pro (paid-for version of lite with extra features) and IP Office One-X (Phone Manager's replacement). There is also a very good dedicated 3rd party presence app Advatel inTouch, which shows presence inside Outlook (which means you don't need to have any other applications other than Outlook open).


IP Office does not have an intrinsic Avaya outbound or inbound dialer as Avaya exclusively concentrate this functionality built by themselves in their more expensive Aura enterprise platform. However, there are some excellent 3rd party IP Office dialers available which range from the enterprise-level Rostrum (trademarked Rostrvm) dialer package to the SME-orientated Telefonix dialer addon.


There are various ways to add a screenpop to your IP Office installation, either through One-X Portal if this has been purchased or as a standalone IP Office screenpop application from Telefonix Voice & Data.

IP Office Reviews

A selection of Reviews. See also: IP Office Reviews.

What to Buy for Business 2009

Avaya IP Office Crowned "Best Buy" in What to Buy for Business 2009 Telephone System Awards. SMB solution awarded gold star on basis of quality, feature abundance, ease of use, and value for money.


... We were impressed with Avaya's IP Office -- It is completely modular, the pricing is on the ball (cheaper than ShoreTel's ShoreGear-120) and it scales extremely well. This system is perfect for any small business looking for enterprise-grade functionality without having to fork out big business dollars.

Frost & Sullivan 2011

... With over 200 thousand platforms installed and over 6 million users worldwide IP Office from Avaya successfully presents SMBs with easy IP and unified communications migration path.

IP Office Customers

A selection of our IP Office customers. See also: Telefonix IP Office Testimonials.

Blaze Neon

"We've been delighted with the technology recommendations that Telefonix have made to us. In particular, investment in Telefonix’ recommendation of the Avaya IP Office system continues to bear dividends, serving our factories, offices and mobile sales team to an equally high standard."


"Investing in Avaya IP Office when our company was in need has proven to be a very smart business decision, coupled with the backup and support of Telefonix who are as creative in telephony as we are in ballooning."

Travel Republic

"We were at our wits end with our phone and contact centre supplier experience and were concerned about the levels of customer service being offered to our customers. Luckily we found Telefonix, a converged voice and data solutions provider who matched us in hard work, creativity and knowledge."

IP Office Phones, Headsets & Conferencing

IP Office Phone

IP Office has various choices of Avaya phone ranges and other hardware equipment that is specifically purposed for the Avaya IP Office platform.

IP Phones

The Avaya 9641G phone has a 4.7 inch color touchscreen, wideband speaker, USB interface, and gigabit to the desktop Classy future-proof IP Office IP phones for the office that wants the best technology possible

Digital Phones

The top of the Avaya 9500 range model is the 9508, which is designed for more advanced user needs Avaya IP Office Digital Phones, typical handsets for companies with established premises

SIP Phones

Avaya also do a SIP softphone which is an application that runs on your laptop or desktop but which retains all telephony functions IP Office SIP telephony, both the Avaya SIP softphone and 3rd party SIP devices

Analog Phones

Analog phones are the most basic and cheap handsets available for an IP Office phone system Analog phones are a solution for areas which are dirty or where phone theft maybe a factor.

WiFi Phones

WiFi phones are a solution for environments in which users tend to be on their feet, ie outside, factories, hospitals WiFi phones are a solution for environments in which users tend to be on their feet, ie outside, factories, hospitals

DECT Phones

DECT phones address the needs of those with a seperate DECT network DECT phones address the needs of mobile users ie outside, factories, hospitals with a seperate DECT network


Avaya's purchase of Konftel in 2011 now gives IP Office its own dedicated range of conference phones using patented Avaya's purchase of Konftel gives IP Office its own dedicated range of conference phones using "omnisound" technology


Headsets are a recommended accessory to keep your hands free whilst using the phone Headsets are a recommended accessory to keep your hands free whilst using the phone.

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