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IP Office Server Edition

The new IP Office Server Edition is the ideal solution for midsize businesses, delivering intelligent Unified Communications, scalable growth and seamless management. It enables businesses to quickly and easily add users to an existing office or connect a remote office, all from the central HQ.

A Linux server is the heart of the Server Edition, running IP Office software, Voice Messaging and Unified Communications, it delivers true Centralized Management and Licensing for all users, across all locations, in one, intuitive, Graphical User Interface. IP Office Server Edition enhances the capabilities of Preferred Edition...and more!

IP Office Server Edition is the Avaya IP Office midmarket offering of choice, an alternative to the Avaya Aura platform which is its enterprise package and was previously recommended for the midmarket space.

Server Edition Capabilities

IP Office Server Edition is the new system designed for up to 2,000 users (IPO 9, late 2013):

  • Up to 1,000 users at a single site or across 32 locations, in any mix of IP, Digital, Analog or SIP, rising to 2,000 in late 2013.
  • Up to 250 SIP trunks per server
  • Up to 125 SIP trunks per Expansion System
  • Trunks with IP Office 500 V2 - 148 H.323, 240 digital, 208 analog trunks (not simultaneously)
  • Up to 100 Voice Messaging ports
  • 128 audio conferencing ports per server, including IP Office 500v2 (64 parties per conference)
  • Up to 200 Avaya one-X Portal users on primary or secondary server
  • Up to 500 Avaya one-X Portal users on dedicated server

Server Edition Feature details

IP Office Server Edition includes lll features included in IP Office plus:

  • Expanded scale/capacity with a Linux server Server Edition means seamless growth,...up from 384 users to 1,000 per site; and 40 voice messaging ports to 100 all using the same Linux Server. Avaya IP Office Server Edition will scale up to 2,000 users in IP Office release 9, and offers 5 9s resilience at 25% of the Avaya Aura price.
  • Centralised Management Simple administration is the cornerstone of Server Editon. From the one intuitive interface, the System Administrator has one view of all users on a single site or across up to 32 locations. Using system status can, at a glance, let the Administrator know of any potential issues that could affect system performance such as over utilized trunk lines, voice ports, and bandwidth utilization.
  • Centralized Licensing Server Edition holds all common licenses centrally, making it cost effective to purchase discounted license packs and easy for a System Administrator to assign user solutions to employees anywhere within the network.
  • 5 9s resilience. Midsize businesses demand reliability and Avaya IP Office Server Edition delivers. Within a multi-site network where Avaya IP Office Server Edition is deployed across remote locations, in the unlikely event of a system outage, the IP Phones on that location simply re-register to an alternative location. Voice messaging is also critical to many businesses, Server Edition backs up messages and greetings to an alternative Linux server.

IP Office R9 Server Edition Features

IP Office R9 (late 2013) improves a number of Server Edition features:

Server Edition Capacity Improvements in IP Office 9

  • Increase in total users: 1500 up from 1000 in R8.1
  • Single server capacity: 750 up from 500
  • Many other capacities increased significantly. For example:
  • 150 Voicemail channels (was 100)
  • 750 One-X Portal users (was 500)
  • 18,000 BHCC (was 14,400)
  • 256 Conference channels per server (was 128)
  • 85 Recording channels (was 43)
  • 128 Paging group size (was 64)

Server Edition Resiliency Improvements in IP Office 9

IP Office provides numerous resiliency enhancements throughout the solution. With Release 9.0, Server Edition can now preserve the RTP (or voice) stream of active calls during network or call server outages where possible; Active call preservation is supported on 96x1 H.323 phones with H.323 and SIP trunks including SCN trunks between Server Edition Systems. Say we have a Server Edition customer with 9611 phones and SIP trunks and the secondary server happens to experience a power failure. The phones that are attached to that server which are on a call will stay active. Once the user disconnects, the endpoint will re-register to the primary server and will have full functionality as in a normal situation. As deployment sizes get larger, this capability becomes more important, and provides even more value to the customer. It is important to note that while the call can continue as long as media can flow but other call features like hold or transfer will not be available.

  • Media Connection Preservation: maintain call voice path under failure conditions
  • PSTN fall back: Route calls over PSTN when VoIP trunks fail or busy
  • Local Failover hunt groups: Maintain hunt group operation
  • Primary Failover Controls: Ensure Secondary active for all failure situations

Server Edition Music On Hold Improvements in IP Office 9

  • Centralised Music on Hold: Allows the Secondary Server and Expansion System to obtain music on hold from the Primary
  • USB audio streaming: Adds external USB sound devices which are hot-pluggable
  • Continuous streaming: Supports continuous play of WAV files (as per IP500 V2), but also keeps the existing restart behaviour
  • Default WAV file for Linux servers

Server Edition Contact Recorder IP Office 9

A native Linux version of ContactStore for IP Office is now supported in Server Edition, called Avaya Contact Recorder Avaya Contact Recorder extends the standard capabilities of Voicemail Pro to store, authenticate and catalogue call recordings. Avaya Contact Recorder is fully integrated into Server Edition:

  • Centralised Music on Hold: Allows the Secondary Server and Expansion System to obtain music on hold from the Primary
  • Same licenses active
  • Visible in Web Manager
  • Events integrated into the syslog subsystem
  • Upgraded as part of Server Edition (if installed)
  • Installed but not running on new R9.0 systems
  • Not installed by default on systems upgraded from 8.1 to R9.0

Server Edition Licensing Changes in IP Office 9

Licensing remains essentially the same for Server Edition R9.0 with a few changes:

  • Voicemail Pro central licenses
  • Upgrade license required
  • New R9.0 specific Server Edition License
  • Soft Console local license
  • No PLDS or WebLM support

Server Edition Business Benefits

  • Cost effective growth whether it's adding a location or a user, Server Edition easily grows with any expanding company
  • Low TCO Day to day administration of users, groups and call routing across the entire network is easy from the centralized, Graphical User Interface, speeding Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC's)
  • Non-Stop Communications The failover capabilities of Server Edition for both real time and voice messaging helps assure that businesses don't miss a beat.

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