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Telefonix credentials include Avaya SME Expert, Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence and Microsoft Small Business Specialist. Besides our experience of the IP Office system with over 2500 installs under our belt, Telefonix Voice & Data also has a unique set of IP Office phone system packages unique to the UK.

IP Office Presence

IP Office gives users presence information in one of three ways within Avaya's own software: IP Office Phone Manager Lite (free), IP Office Phone Manager Pro (paid-for version of lite with extra features) and IP Office One-X (Phone Manager's replacement). There is also a very good dedicated 3rd party presence app Advatel inTouch, which shows presence inside Outlook (which means you don't need to have any other applications other than Outlook open).

IP Office & Advatel inTouch

Advatel InTouch is a 3rd party UC Outlook add-on which adds full OCS connectivity (Skype, MSN & Yahoo presence) to the IP Office platform. It requires no seperate server purchase and is a great One-X portal substitute. The Advatel InTouch OCS client is a pane in Microsoft Outlook which gives users presence information from Skype, IP Office, MSN and Yahoo. What this means in practice is that it makes life a lot easier for staff because instead of having to keep all sorts of software open such as the Skype client, MSN, IP Office OneX, and endlessly switching between them, users can now control and schedule everything whilst only having to keep Outlook open. As anyone who has faced the onslaught of multiple windows competing for attention will know, this is a truly welcome thing. Advatel is an Avaya devConnect partner.

IP Office Advatel inTouch Presence Client

  • Designed specifically for SMB needs: one interface access to and presence information from all contacts spanning Skype, MSN, Yahoo and colleagues using IP Office
  • Features include federated two way presence, click to dial, click to IM, click to Email, click to SMS, Click to Pounce (immediate notification when a user has become available) and view the users calendar status i.e. whether they are in a meeting or out of office.
  • Real-time telephony status of your contacts is dispayed such as Idle, Busy, Do Not Disturb and Call Forward, whilst your contacts can easily see if you are available before they even make contact with you.
  • Outlook Calendar mining which will display whether a contact is either 'in a meeting' or 'Out of office'. Hover over the contact and it will also display what time they will finish their meeting or when they will be back in the office along with their telephone and IM presence.
  • Pounce: allows users to right click on a contact they want to communicate with at the next available opportunity. When the contact next comes on line, you receive a 'now available' notification in the form of a call screen pop.
  • Missed Calls - View the list of missed calls while you were away
  • Assign prime and normal contacts - contacts you most frequently communicate can be assigned as your prime which appear at the top of the InTouch pane.
  • Outlook toolbar - when an email is highlighted, the inbuilt Outlook toolbar will display the users current telephony, Skype, MSN and Yahoo presence and all communications methods available to make contact with the person ie click to call, click to im, click to email and click to SMS

IP Office One-X Portal

The One-X Portal is Avaya's replacement for Phone Manager, and is a web-based application that users access through a browser rather than a per PC application which phone manager used to be. one-X Portal for IP Office can be used with any IP Office extension; analog, digital or any IP telephones, wired or wireless, and is available as part of the IP Office Office Worker, Power User or Teleworker user licenses only. one-X Portal for IP Office is a server based application that the user accesses via web browser. Via separate gadgets, one-X Portal for IP Office provides easy access to telephony features, call information, call and conference control, instant messaging, directory and VoiceMail Pro mailbox. Avaya one-X Portal is implemented and managed centrally, eliminating the need to install software on end-user devices. Since one-X Portal can be used from any Internet connection, it can play an important role in business continuity planning. It is also available as part of the Avaya IP Office solution for small business.

IP Office Phone Manager Pro

Phone Manager Pro is the advanced version of Phone Manager Lite offering the following additional features:

  • Integration with Contact Management packages (such as Outlook, GoldMine, ACT! and Maximizer) to facilitate screen popping of the contact details of an incoming caller, dialling from the contact record with a simple mouse click and simple creation of new contact records with auto-insertion of the telephone number whilst on a call.
  • Voicemail box control with Voicemail Pro, in either Intuity or IP Office modes, which allows you to play, rewind, fast forward, save or delete your voice messages. It also allows Pro users to configure their Personal Distribution Lists (Intuity mode).
  • Personal phone number directory which allows further personalization and improves productivity:
  • Name matching: If the Caller ID is recognized in the local PC directory, the callerís name can be displayed
  • Simple incoming call scripting: Scripts can be displayed based on the Caller ID or the dialled number (DID/DDI) to remind users of a specific greeting or sales pitch to use.
  • Distinctive ringing: Allows the configuring of distinct ringing on a per caller basis. PC sound files can be associated with incoming callers' numbers and then played through the PC speakers when a call is received from that number. This allows you to easily differentiate calls from important customers and clients, and those from unknown callers.
  • Compact mode which minimizes the screen space required to run the Phone Manager application. While in compact mode, a notification slider alerts of new calls and allows the user to view the caller ID or associated callerís name and answer the call. Users can easily switch between standard & compact.
  • Agent Mode operation which allows the user to perform contact centre functionality without needing a specially designed contact centre telephone, for example one with dedicated keys such as log on/off. You can also easily activate Account codes (during or before the call) through the 'Account Codes' tab which allows the user to tag the call with an alphanumeric account code via a single-click. Agent-mode users can set their phone on 'Busy' or 'Wrap-Up' and select which hunt group they are member of via simple button clicks.
  • Separate tabs for Incoming, Outgoing and Missed Calls.
  • Multiple Speed dial tabs (to allow users to group speed-dial/Busy Lamp Field icons by department or location e.g. Sales or Support)
  • Phone Manager Pro allows making and receiving calls and retrieving voicemails on an external phone number as if they were in the office, with Phone Manager providing the call control. It also provides billing convenience and potential cost savings for remote workers and mobile work force. Access to the feature is controlled by the administrator in the User Rights.

IP Office Phone Manager Lite

Phone Manager Lite allows all employees to access the features and facilities only previously available to those working in call centres, or those companies deploying expensive, proprietary feature phones on every desktop. Using an analogue telephone, a digital terminal or an IP hardphone, along with a networked PC on your desk, Phone Manager allows employees to take total control of their phone calls from their PC.

Caller ID/Name Presentation is presented as standard so you can see who's calling you before you even answer. The caller's phone number and name (if known to IP Office) are clearly shown on your PC, allowing you to have a good idea what the call's about before you take it. Also shown is information on the actual number dialled, this could be your own Direct Dial In (DDI/DID) number, or a specific department within your organization, e.g. switchboard, sales, support or administration. This feature allows you to answer accordingly and gives you the flexibility to participate in multiple groups, particularly important for small businesses. The same information is also displayed should a second call come-in, allowing you to easily switch between calls or allow the second call to go to voicemail. You can choose to have the information pop-up on your PC automatically as soon as a call comes in, when you answer the call, or it can be instigated manually via a click of your mouse.

Phone Manager's call history keeps a record of all your received, outgoing and missed calls. Double-clicking on any item calls that number back, to return a missed call or to redial a previously called or received number. It even alerts you when you've received a new voicemail and presents unread voicemails so they can be simply retrieved by a click of a button. Phone Manager offers telephony buttons to activate standard functions such as Answer, Transfer, Hold, Account codes and Conference so you do not need to remember any specific feature codes. You can also elect to forward your calls and easily edit the forward destination using Phone Manager rather than cumbersome features codes.

Calls can be easily parked using "drag & drop" functionality. Four Call Park areas, which can be shared between users and operators, or within a department, further add to the ease with which the entire call handling process is streamlined with Phone Manager. Phone Manager features a Busy Lamp Field and Direct Station Select. This allows users to customize the application to reflect the status of their department, immediate colleagues or the whole company as desired. The Direct Station Select allows you to dial regularly used internal and external numbers via a single-click. A single Direct Station Select icon allows you to dial their work, mobile/cell phone and home numbers. The Busy Lamp Field feature allows you to see at a glance, who's available to take a call, who's already on a call and who's placed their phone on Do Not Disturb. Calls can be easily parked using "drag & drop" functionality. Four Call Park areas, which can be shared between users and operators, or within a department, further add to the ease with which the entire call handling process is streamlined with Phone Manager.

Avaya 1403 phone

The Avaya 1400 series is a budget conscious family of digital IP Office phones.

Avaya 1408 phone

The Avaya 1600 series is a budget conscious family of IP IP Office phones.

Avaya 1416 phone

The Avaya 9500 series is a feature-rich premium family of digital IP Office phones.

Expansion module

The Avaya 9600 series is a feature-rich premium family of IP IP Office phones.

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