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Telefonix credentials include Avaya SME Expert, Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence and Microsoft Small Business Specialist. Besides our experience of the IP Office system with over 2500 installs under our belt, Telefonix Voice & Data also has a unique set of IP Office phone system packages unique to the UK.

IP Office Dialer

IP Office does not have an intrinsic Avaya outbound or inbound dialer as Avaya exclusively concentrate this functionality built by themselves in their more expensive Aura enterprise platform.

However, there are some excellent 3rd party dialers available which range from the enterprise-level Rostrum (trademarked Rostrvm) dialer package to the SMG-orientated Telefonix dialer addon.

Rostrum IP Office Dialer

The Rostrum dialer is a platform independent outbound dialer which works perfectly with the Avaya IP Office platform and the package that we recommend. The Rostrum dialer supports structured, multimedia automated outbound and inbound dialing.

IP Office Outbound Dialer

  • The Rostrum IP Office Dialer is a full IP Office outbound dialer, incorporating a predictive dialer, progressive dialer, and preview dialer rolled into one.
  • The Rostrum IP Office Dialer uses advanced dialling algorithms in association with real-time information about your call centre to optimise outbound activity.
  • The Rostrum IP Office Dialer uses integral scripting to ensure that when you make contact you arm your team with the right information, follow process and say the right thing at the right time.
  • The Rostrum IP Office Dialer blends telephone, text message (SMS) and email contact.
  • The Rostrum IP Office Dialer incorporates sophisticated campaign management, management information and agent analytics tools ensure optimal performance with a personal touch.
  • The Rostrum IP Office Dialer meets Ofcom, Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Information Commissioner guidance as well as EU directives on nuisance calls and distance selling .

The Rostrum dialer isn't just about phone calls; it also has the ability to blend automated SMS text messages and email contact with your predictive dialler telephone campaigns creating multimedia interactivity with your IP Office system.

  • SMS text message and email blending is deployed as an integral component of your campaign workflow driven by call or business outcomes
  • Designed to support flexible workflows, SMS and email can be sent at the beginning of your contact campaign, as a step in a sequence of contacts or at the end of the workflow.
  • Capture the moment - you can even send an SMS during a telephone conversation with the customer to help you to close the loop

IP Office Inbound Dialer

The Rostrum Inbound Dialer (Rostrum CallDirector ACD) is a multimedia Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) application for IP Office. It provides platform independent call queuing, routing and reporting functionality for telephone calls, fax, email and web contact. Call me' buttons and 'Contact me' forms are a common feature of many web sites. But too often requests for contact fail because web contact is not embedded in professional call handling processes. Rostrum's web call back function integrates the 'call me' button request on your web site with robust contact management, contact routing and reporting mechanisms. Rostrum includes comprehensive, flexible redial strategies to support you in keeping your promises to contact.

  • An Intelligent call queuing capability that utilises business information to deliver personalised call treatment and to support effective routing decisions.
  • A powerful business rules and skills-based call routing engine that ensures contacts are delivered to the most appropriate resource.
  • Comprehensive real-time and historical management and reporting tools that make performance and results visible across the enterprise.

Telefonix IP Office Dialer

The Telefonix IP Office Dialer is a standalone application on your computer which allows you to dial any telephone number inside any application merely by pressing F11. The Telefonix IP Office dialer is an application much like the dialer used in professional call centres, which can give productivity gains of as much as 50%. Great for telemarketing campaigns and customer service agents. The Telefonix Screenpop and Telefonix Dialer are standalone products. CTI is used in professional call centres and typically comes at a £20,000 minimum price cost. The Telefonix Screenpop is the first SMB-priced CTI package priced at only £995 for 10 users (+ 1 day’s installation time).

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