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Telefonix pay the utmost attention to going the extra mile to help you understand technology and to make your technology acquisition a transparent, comfortable one, backed up by as much information as you need and as many demonstrations as you should ever want. That's why we're here - to help you.

Telefonix credentials include Avaya SME Expert, Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence and Microsoft Small Business Specialist. Besides our experience of the IP Office system with over 2500 installs under our belt, Telefonix Voice & Data also has a unique set of IP Office phone system packages unique to the UK.

IP Office Call Centre

Although Avaya's main call centre solution tends to be through Avaya Call Centre/Avaya Aura, this is more than five times as expensive as using IP Office, and for call centres with less than 384 agenta, the best solution is to use 3rd party Zeacom software.

Zeacom is an Avaya IP Office contact and call centre solution for organisations with contact and call centres with between five and 384 agents.

Zeacom is an Avaya DevConnect Partner, and offers a highly respected technical solution that is also used other market leading vendors such as with Microsoft, Cisco, and NEC.

Zeacom offers IP Office simplicity - Zeacom is built on a single source code, from the ground up, and offers their solution through one server, one application and one administration interface.

  • Zeacom is an Avaya DevConnect partner
  • Telefonix Voice & Data was the first Zeacom IP Office partner in the UK
  • Zeacom is a single point solution with a single CTI server platform.
  • Familiar Microsoft® look and feel
  • Presence capability for everyone
  • Consistent operation across the product - little training required
  • Modular and scalable; Zeacom's IP Office contact and call centre solution grows with your business
  • Scale from 5 to 384 customer service representatives
  • Value-based routing
  • Skills-based routing
  • Activity presence
  • Global directory
  • Unlimited customized announcements, including position in queue and estimated time to answer
  • Standard or custom reporting
  • Preferred and last agent routing
  • Inbound/outbound blended call handling
  • Post-Call Survey
  • GUI based Auto Attendant
  • Concurrent licensing

Upping your ROI(Return On Investment)

  • Answer more calls and reduce call abandonment
  • Give high-value customers or transactions priority handling
  • Cross-sell and up-sell using customized announcements
  • Measure campaign success with data reports
  • Run outbound campaigns to generate new business or farm your base
  • Capture more calls by offering alternatives to waiting or hanging up
  • Screen-pop key information about customers, highlighting account status and up-sell information

Control Call Centre Costs

  • A single desktop interface for handling multimedia contacts ensures optimum utilization of agent time
  • Simple, intuitive user interface increases agent efficiency
  • Skills-based routing reduces talk time and transfers between agents and increases first call resolution
  • Blending inbound and outbound calling increases agent utilization
  • Self-service options offered via an integrated IVR free up resources

Improve Service?

  • Apply consistent contact handling methods to all media types
  • Pre-configure safety nets for emergency or high volume situations
  • Deliver to pre-defined backup agents when thresholds are reached
  • Take action based on the real-time status of agents and queues
  • Use a range of predefined or customized reporting options to measure performance

Zeacom, IP Office & Customer Service

Your operator is usually the first point of contact that a caller has with your organisation -- leaving a lasting impression of your business. Operators are expected to handle a large volume of calls ranging from time consuming routine inquiries to urgent high value transactions. Zeacom and IP Office arms your operator with superior call-handling abilities, ensuring that the machanics of the call perform flawlessly.

Using Zeacom with IP Office tends to increase sales opportunities as callers are connected to the right person more quickly, and receive personal service. A common pattern is that it promotes your repeat business. Furthermore, given the software structure, back-up operators can pick up overflow calls without purchasing any additional hardware. Other efficiencies come into play as well. For example, simplification - enable one operator to manage calls for multiple companies or serviced offices. Clearly this will help you reduce unnecessary staff count. Zeacom give you intrinsic added efficiency: it will speed up your call processing (quick mouse clicks and hot keys to available people) and reduce call abandonment, thus increasing revenue opportunity by keeping customers informed. At busy times such as the Christmas sales boost campaign, it becomes especially useful because it is very easy to learn, a quick uptake for temporary staff.

Zeacom, IP Office & Presence

Companies purchase Zeacom for various reasons, ranging from its high end functionality to the exceptional presence engine built into the software. Presence is the recommended way for companies to get started with efficiency enhancing CTI software. Avoid frustrations trying to connect with other busy people. Zeacom’s Activity Presence gives you a reliable Estimated Time of Return (ETR) for your colleagues (based on their own calendar schedule) and allows you to be notified upon their return. See if they are at their desk or have just stepped away. See what their current activity is to help you make informed decisions about how and when to connect. At a glance, Activity Presence gives you the availability and whereabouts of everyone in your organisation in real-time. If a person is in a meeting, or busy on the phone, you can request notification when they return to their desk, or finish their call. You can make yourself available to others in the same way. Increase productivity by helping people connect faster. Eliminate time-wasting, frustrating phone tag and other handling delays.

  • Enable Presence on IP Office so that when you are in the office, your availability is recognized and displayed ‘at my desk’, ‘away from my desk’ for all users across the network.
  • You are seen to be available if you use your mouse, keyboard or telephone.After 1 minute (or a configurable period) of inactivity, you are considered ‘to be away’.
  • You can request ‘return notification’ for any Presence user. This activates a screen-pop to notify when the person you wish to speak to becomes available.
  • Any changes in your status automatically change personal greetings, messaging and call routing options.
  • Choose to display the subject of your active email application appointment for other users to view. This is particularly useful for keeping operators and receptionists informed of staff whereabouts and availability.
  • Access the company directory, or create your own personal directory for contacts.
  • View the status of colleagues locally and across the network including full telephone and presence visability.
  • Presence visibility of external contacts is extended via Microsoft® Messenger and Skype.
  • Find the Expert: Need to find someone urgently? Presence information tells you where they are, what meeting they are in and when they are due back. This makes phone tag a thing of the past.
  • Instant Access: Information at a glance about a co-worker’s status and availability allows you to redirect or refer inquiries to ensure first call resolution.
  • Increased customer loyalty: Better visibility increases individual and collective productivity across the enterprise - improving customer service.
  • Measurable ROI - The tangible benefits of improved communications can be measured. Presence saves lots of little bits of time - all the time. These shavings of time represent direct cost savings. Other intangible benefits, such as the value of improved customer loyalty, will then be seen over time.

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