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Telefonix credentials include Avaya SME Expert, Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence and Microsoft Small Business Specialist. Besides our experience of the IP Office system with over 2500 installs under our belt, Telefonix Voice & Data also has a unique set of IP Office phone system packages unique to the UK.

IP Office Call Recording

Telefonix Voice & Data offer four levels of call recording for IP Office, from Voicemail Pro, which has free tamper-proof recording included as standard, to Redbox recorders, encrypted call recording to at national security levels.

Typically, most of our customers either stay with the inbuilt features or Voicemail Pro or have their call recording as an add-on service provided by Tim.

Voicemail Pro Call Recording

IP Office Voicemail Pro offers a Call Recording service which can be used to either automatically or manually record incoming and outgoing calls, as well as internal calls. Voicemail Pro call recording is a more than adequate call recording service if you are looking for the following:

  • a tool for coaching and training customer facing employees
  • record voice interactions with customers and suppliers for dispute management purposes
  • help to ensure that calls are being handled professionally and agents are working productively

Key call recording features of Voicemail Pro are:

  • User Recording - automatically or manually record calls to and/or from a particular user. By default the recordings are stored in the userís voicemail box
  • Hunt Group Recording - automatically or manually record calls to and/or from a particular hunt group. By default the recordings are placed in the hunt groupís voicemail box
  • Account Code Recording - An account code can be applied to a call by the user before it is made or during the call. One can also be applied automatically through CLI matching. Both incoming and outgoing calls which use a particular account code can be recorded
  • CLI Recording - Account codes can be assigned to a call by CLI matching. This allows recording to be based on a CLI match
  • Time Profiles - For each user, hunt group and/or account code, and IP Office time profile can be used to determine when auto-recording is used.
  • Play Advice on Call Recording - when a call is about to be recording, the IP Office can play a message to advise the call parties

Voicemail Pro & ContactStore

IP Office ContactStore complements the call recording capabilities of Voicemail Pro by storing and cataloging the recordings in a database so that users can easily search and replay call recordings through a Web interface. The optional ContactStore allows replay of recordings by means of a browser based application that is accessible with IE v5 and higher. The search and replay facilities include the following features:

  • Personal security restrictions
  • Criteria based search filter fields to perform specific searches
  • Replay controls to start, stop, pause, skip forward, skip backward or to export the recording to a readily playable .wav file
  • Audio waveform display to present a graphic representation of the audio content of the call. Use the waveform to avoid replaying static or silences and to move to specific portions of the call

Tim Call Recording

Tim Talk Call Recording combines an award-winning call logging platform with a cutting-edge hardware device - the Magic Box - that passively intercepts your phone lines, monitoring and recording all calls to and from your organisation. By integrating the Magic Box technology directly into the Tim Plus call logging products, the end result - TIM Talk - is an unprecedented ability to listen to the actual audio of any phone call in any standard call logging report! Using the standard web browser interface of the call logger, limited by web logins, users can only access information and recordings related to their own part of the business. The Tim call recorder includes the following features, and is encrypted to Uk legal standards.

  • Stereo recording
  • Easy retrieval of calls by user
  • Passive and Active recording
  • Track the call in its entirety
  • View a call audit
  • Add notes

Red Box Recording

Red Box call recorders are the premium IP Office call recording solution, used by emergency services, financial institutions and contact centres. Red Box offers products for recording, agent quality and performance enhancement, and for incident reconstruction. They are simpler, smarter and genuinely scalable - due mainly to their unique frame-based technology. Everything is highly manageable. You need only one server, saving cost and space. And you can use your own hardware and operating system. Redbox can source specialist hardware or provide a customised turnkey solution. All Redbox products are Web-based for ease of use and fast roll-out. Moreover, they operate in a single modular architecture, giving excellent budgetary control. You get a solution thatís technically advanced, reliable, resilient and great to work with.

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