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IP Office Advanced Edition

IP Office Advanced Edition enables growing businesses to take advantage of Avaya's industry-leading customer service expertise. For small to medium businesses that want to differentiate themselves through exceptional customer service, Advanced Edition provides customer service reps and their supervisors with the tools to effectively handle call volumes and gather and report valuable customer intelligence to help increase sales and agent productivity.

Building on the IP Office Preferred Edition (required pre-requisite), Advanced Edition helps businesses take customer service to a higher level.

Feature details

IP Office Advanced Edition includes lll features included in IP Office Preferred Edition plus:

  • Viewing agent productivity, monitoring, and report generation:
  • Browser Based, Drag & Drop application
  • View statistics: Agent States, Agent ACW, Agents Available, Agents Logged On, gents Present, Agents Ringing, Answered Calls, Answered External (non-queue), Answered Internal (non-queue and queue), Average Answer %, Average Answer Time, Average Wait Time, Busy Not Available, Calls Waiting, Current Wait Time, Grade of Service, Longest Wait Time, Lost Calls, New Messages, No Answer, Outbound Calls (external), Overflowed Answered, Overflowed Calls, Overflowed Calls Waiting, Overflowed Lost, Queue State, Queue State Time, Routed to Other, Routed to Voicemail, Transferred
  • Display statistics, show top agent "leader", provide motivational messages to agents on external optional LCD
  • Customize LCD with company logo and colors
  • Alarm setting and notification (color change) by agent and group: White for Normal state, Yellow for Caution, Red for Alarm, Blue for Alarm Acknowledge
  • Historical Call Reporting using templates: Agent Summary Report, Call Details Report, Call Summary Report, Trace Reports, Alarm Reports, Voicemail Reports
  • Customize over 100 reports using common fields (Name, Subject, Call Type, Reporting Period, etc) and through use of wildcards
  • Report format (Adobe, Word, Excel, Rich Text, or Crystal)
  • Email report in format of recipients choice
  • Storage facility for call recording:
  • Search and replay application
  • Secure log in
  • Locate recording through filters: Date, Parties, Length of Call, and Target Number
  • Replay controls: Start, Stop, Pause, Skip Forward, Skip Backward, and export recording to readily playable .wav file
  • Archive recordings to DVD
  • Self service menus:
  • Database actions: Database Open, Database Execute, Database Get Data, Database Close
  • Interaction with database accomplished through Structured Query Language scripts (SQL)
  • SQL Query Builder Wizard

View agent status

Customer service reps and supervisors can get real-time information on call queues, hold times, agent status and more, to help ensure customers are always being served quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Assess agent productivity

Customer service supervisors can gather current and historic data and generate reports to gauge the productivity and performance of agents. The intuitive browser-based interface offers drag-and-drop simplicity, making it easy to configure, generate and deliver customized reports that can be acted upon quickly.

Manage campaign performance

Growing businesses can get real-time insights into how marketing campaigns are performing so resources can be adjusted if necessary to maximize on the investment. Capture information such as telephone number and area where responders are calling from (among other data) that can help streamline costs and boost campaign-generated revenue.

Selectively retrieve recorded calls

Call recording can positively impact customer service and revenue and it also enables more meaningful training sessions. Calls can be easily and securely retrieved from any PC by searching on any number of fields such as date, time and extension number, and archived to a storage device such as DVD.

Automate popular inquiries

Free up valuable time for customer service reps by providing customers with easy-to-use caller menus for fast and efficient responses to commonly-asked questions. Callers can respond with touch-tone or voice response (or both). Create customized surveys. Retrieve information the same way voicemail messages are replayed.

Create self service menus

Improve responsiveness to customers and continue generating revenue even outside of normal business hours. Customized, automated self-help menus allow customers to place or change orders, check status of shipments, and more.

Business Benefits

Measure and track customer service

Real time and historical call statistics gives your business insight into how well you are serving your customers

Quicker response to service issues

Simple to use management tools enable you to react to and change routing rules, agent assignments or service capacity on demand

Manage resources efficiently with automated 24/7 service

Self-help options can drive revenue in off-hours (access information, get directions, check order status and more) and free up agents for more critical, customer-facing tasks

Discover new opportunities

Leverage your customer recordings for first-hand information on what your customers want. Confidently create new offers or enhance existing ones to boost your revenue stream and expand market presence

Address individual agent needs

Quality checks (through call recordings) can reveal both positive and negative agent performance. This will enable you to correct or reward accordingly

Conflict resolution

Replay customer conversations to help resolve customer issues with the facts

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