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BCM 1100 1200 IP Phones

Behind the remarkably unwieldy title lies the fact that two entire Nortel BCM IP handset ranges that are now fully compatible with IP Office as of IP Office R7 (2011). Avaya purchased the BCM platform in 2011 and have stated their intention that IP Office will be the platform to continue out of the two.

Used with the BCM 50, BCM 100, BCM 200 and BCM 450 phone systems, the BCM 1120E IP Phone is a four-line SIP-ready intermediate-level desktop IP Phone ideally suited for office workers and administrative personnel. The Nortel 1120E supports presentation of data and Web-centric applications on its high-resolution graphical display & has flexible navigation with the use of standard USB mice and keyboards via the phone’s integrated USB port. The SIP-ready BCM 1140E IP Phone is a multi-line (up to twelve user-defined line/feature key appearances), professional-level call activity phone which delivers leading-edge communication features and capabilities and is an ideal solution for knowledge professionals and managers.

The SIP-ready BCM 1220 IP Phone is a single-line, standard-level desktop IP Phone, which encompasses the sleek, cutting-edge ergonomic design of the BCM IP 1200 Series Telephones. The SIP-ready BCM 1230 IP phone is the next phone up from the BCM 1220. The 1230 is a multi-line, premium intermediate-level desktop IP phonewhich offers a competitive feature set with contemporary styling. The IP Phone 1230 is best suited for power users with advanced communication needs such as managers, knowledge workers and administrative assistants.

IP Office 6

Support of Nortel BCM phones was introduced with IP Office Release 6.1 with a basic initial feature set.

IP Office 7

IP Office 7 added many new features to Nortel IP Phones and was the version dedicated to making BCM equipment fully compatible with IP Office.

  • CM-style - feature keys with central provisioning as well as e.g. status indication. Includes features like park/pickup, call forwarding etc
  • Pick-up option for alerting Busy lamp keys
  • Full management integration
  • Access to IP Office directory

IP Office 8

New embedded software version 4.3 for BCM 1100 and 1200 phones released with IP office version 8.0 includes following enhancements:

  • Phones now preserve IP address and other configuration attributes when configured using DHCP
  • Switchover to basic capabilities on a failover (Including server profiles)
  • Hold / Talk event support
  • Disable ringing when ‘answer-after’ attribute is set to ‘0’
  • Improve button programming update (refreshes)
  • Feature dialog operation enhancement
  • MADN Key Label update
  • Option to lower beep volume when receiving second call
  • Support download of the dial plan and a language file when ‘check sync’ message is received
  • Remove delay when switching from hands-free to handset (12xx only)
  • Make button labels on 1120 and 1220 main unit screen visible while on-call
  • Support for 1120e/1140e SCR phones (Single 16 MB flash memory chip
  • Support for BCM2046 Bluetooth module for 1140e

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