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Telefonix pay the utmost attention to going the extra mile to help you understand technology and to make your technology acquisition a transparent, comfortable one, backed up by as much information as you need and as many demonstrations as you should ever want. That's why we're here - to help you.

Telefonix credentials include Avaya SME Expert, Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence and Microsoft Small Business Specialist. Besides our experience of the IP Office system with over 2500 installs under our belt, Telefonix Voice & Data also has a unique set of IP Office phone system packages unique to the UK.

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Backups, DR & Security

Telefonix Voice & Data do a comprehensive range of IT Security Services for our clients, covering all the bases you need covered if you're a small company without a large dedicated IT department. All of our packages are attractively priced, with flexible payment options and free trials on application. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01252 333888 for industry leading solutions, services, and supply to UK business, including managed help desks, hardware maintenance, security, data back-up and managed services. Our comprehensive converged portfolio of offerings includes consultancy, unified communications, and managed ICT services.

  • Backups
    • Online backups with no user workflow interruption
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Covering a multitude of instances, from physical disasters and imaging to remote working solutions
  • Web Filtering
    • Prevent inappropriate use of web services impacting your business productivity
  • Anti-Virus
    • Having an anti-virus mechanism in place is, nowadays, an obvious neccessity, especially for business
  • Antispam
    • We'll route your spam to external servers for quarantine and let them never enter your system
  • Data Security
    • Ensure that disgruntled employees cannot steal your hardware, software or data


  • We understand small business
  • Customer service comes first
  • We are experienced & qualified
  • We are a one stop shop for IT & telecoms
  • Helpdesk available 365/365. Of course.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) covers a multitude of instances, from physical disaster recovery (an office fire destroys your office and IT equipment) to weather-related disasters (severe weather makes it impossible for your staff to reach the office for a week - ie the severe snowstorms in 2009). Telefonix Voice & Data offers a range of disaster recovery applications to enable you to ensure that your business can keep going, regardless of the situation it finds itself in.


For data DR, Telefonix Voice & Data can manage the advanced DR application suites which mirror all your software and data onto a virtual server, so that should the worst happen (ie the server breaks down or is physically destroyed), this virtual server can then be loaded and your company can be back in action within 30 minutes, with no data loss at all. This DR application works best for the amount of data that a sub 30 employee company sends: contact us for bespoke packages for larger organisations.

  • Very fast recovery: your critical systems back in only 30 minutes
  • Very simple to set-up: it only takes about 20 minutes for Telefonix Voice & Data to install the appliance on your network
  • No management required: no ongoing support required from your staff or any need for changes to how they run your systems
  • Virtualisation technology: the use of virtualisation technology means no expensive hardware or maintenance costs
  • Simple, predictable low monthly costs: based on required rescue platform capacity and data, not on unused hardware or software
  • Verified service: every daily server back-up is tested so you know it will work
  • Minimised bandwidth: the intelligent appliance only sends server changes
  • Local file backup: we keep old copies of snapshots on the appliance, which provides a local historical file backup
  • Confident DR: because each snapshot is tested, you can at last be confident you have a backup that will work when you need it


For voice, we have a variety of solutions that we recommend. If you have purchased one of our telephone systems, we can build in 100% redundancy at your request by mirroring the main PBX with a backup version (which can be located remotely if neccessary) or alternatively, the option also exists to reserve the use of a backup mobile PBX system which will only kick into action as the situation warrants: contact us directly on 01252 333888 for further details.

Remote Working

When the weather gets nasty and your staff are unable to come into the office, as a business owner you want to ensure that the business can keep going. Our remote solutions can assist you with this, from simple Citrix and Windows remoting to full fledged SonicWALLŽ Aventail installation. By installing a Sonicwall server into your office you benefit from:

  • Remote Access - Provides secure remote access to the most resources, from the most end point locations
  • Disaster Recovery - Allows your workforce to remain productive from anywhere, anytime, even during unexpected business disruptions from severe weather conditions, power outages, flu outbreaks, or disasters
  • Wireless - Integrates seamlessly with wireless access solutions
  • Extranet Access - Opens access to partners to increase collaboration without compromising access control and security
  • Mobile Device Support - Added flexibility for your remote users to obtain secure access from Windows Mobile devices

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